Tokyo Layers: 7 Vertical Cityscapes at Night

Sasaki Makota is an artist and photographer based out of Japan with a stunning set of photos from the Tokyo landscape. Makota takes long exposure photographs of skyscrapers while vertically moving up and down glass elevators to simulate the passing of time in his artwork. “You will

Sony Sells Waterproof MP3 Player in Vending Machine Water Bottles [VIDEO]

One of the hardest things about selling waterproof gadgets is proving to customers they’re actually waterproof. To reinforce the functionality of their products, companies often create dazzling stunts that demonstrate how far their waterproof devices will take you. Take GoPRO, for example, which promotes its cameras by

4 Mesmerizing Infinity Pools

We are in the dead of winter currently. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t dream of greener pastures. Many may dream of laying out on a beach, soaking up the sun. Me? Well I prefer swimming pools. Less sandy mess, less of a chance of something

The Console Series Celebrates Video Game Systems of the Past

While you may be addicted to playing the latest new video games on the Playstation 4 or Xbox One, do you remember what your favorite console was back in the day? Whether you’re a Nintendo or Atari fan, the Console Series by Signalnoise is sure to bring

Colorful Underwater Clouds that Create ‘Aqueous Rainbow Skies’

In this colorful combination of photography and science, Mark Mawson films underwater explosions of dye that paint colorful scenes of Aqueous Rainbow Skies. Mawson has several underwater exhibits in his collection, and these images of vibrant, colorful underwater clouds are so popular one of his aqueous videos

Visualizing the Flight Paths of Birds

The way birds travel is fascinating, both in form and distance flown. Through video shoots across his state, professor Dennis Hlynsky at the Rhode Island School of Design studies and traces the amazing paths of individual birds. He then manipulates the clips using Adobe After Effects and

Catch a Few Beautiful Bioluminescent Waves

Have you ever been at the beach and just felt like you were glowing from all the sunshine? Well these plant-like bioluminescent organisms called Phytoplankton actually glow when they are stressed or just fed up with beach-goers or violent waves crashing in. While this amazing looking algae

Strange Batman Sightings Across the American Southwest

Where do you think Batman would go if he decided to take a vacation? Well, how about the good old American Southwest? In this playful black and white series by French artist Rémi Nöel, a majestic miniature version of the caped crusader can be seen everywhere from

Guy Dances Across China in 100 Day Timelapse

Have you ever visited China? Few travelers have ever been able to “Treasure” the Chinese landscape like Jake Gaba, who danced his way across across the country to the tune of Bruno Mars. Gaba did a study abroad in China for 100 days while dancing through the

Air Traffic Around the World Visualized

How many planes do you think are up in the sky at any given time? The AirTraffic team has put together a video that reconstructs 24 hours of global air traffic in a little over a minute. As you watch the video you can slowly see the